Maine Association of Retirees

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Welcome to MAR Radio!

In order to keep you well informed about MAR, it's legislation, and its members, we are creating a series of podcast episodes.
These episodes are also available on our MAR Radio Sound Cloud station, and will soon be able to be accessed via iTunes.

LD650 Public Hearing

Listen to the Public Hearing of LD 650: An Act To Clarify and Protect Certain Public Service Retirement Benefits A bill that changes the contractual commitment to maintain state-protected benefits regarding cost-of-living adjustments for retired state employees and teachers by specifying that it constitutes a solemn contractual commitment of the State that is protected under the Constitution of Maine and the United States Constitution. Listen to MAR members' testimonies in front of the Appropriations Committee. To read the testimonies, Search for bills heard on March 24th here.

Episode 1: What is LD650, and how does it affect you?

Welcome to our pilot episode! Join MAR Executive Director Barbara Van Burgel, and Legislative Liaison Tim Leet as they discuss the LD650 legislation.