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Our "Email Alert System" allows us to keep our members informed on important policy issues in Augusta and Washington, D.C.

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MAR Headquarters

To contact us call, write or email us at:

280 Maine Avenue
Farmingdale, Me 04344

Toll free:1-800-535-6555
Telephone:(207) 582-1960
Fax:(207) 582-4764
Or you can e-mail us!

Better yet - drop in and see us - we love "walk ins."

Staff Directory

MAR's offices are open Monday - Thursday from 9:00 - 4:00

Barbara J. Van Burgel Executive Director
Joseph Pietroski Legislative & Financial Program Director
Diane Bailey Office Manager
Patty Castonguay Membership Benefits/Delta Dental
Sally Morrissey Assistant Membership Coordinator
Louise Reed Assistant Membership Coordinator
Lisa Blue Technical Support Coordinator