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MAR Dental Benefit


Dental Basics

Current Rates
One Person $39.48
Two Person $71.94
Three + $113.28
New Rates
Effective 2/1/2017
One Person $41.45
Two Person $75.54
Three + $118.94

Open Enrollment period: Held once a year, effective date of changes will be on February 1st. This Open Enrollment period is the only time that you have the opportunity to make any needed changes to your dental plan (adding or dropping dependents) without having a “Qualifying Event.” If you elect not to make any changes to your plan at Open enrollment, you are automatically re-enrolled for the next 12 months and cannot drop out or make any other changes without a “Qualifying Event”.

*Qualifying Events: Birth, Death, Adoption, Change in Employment Status, Change in Dependents Employment Status, Divorce, Marriage, Loss of COBRA Coverage, Loss of other Dental insurance coverage through your spouse, sign up within 30 days of joining MAR, terminating your membership in MAR.

Once you have signed up for dental insurance, MAR makes you effective for the first day of a month. The premium is automatically deducted from your pension check at the end of the month. You do not need to send in any monies to “start” your policy. The insurance will remain in effect until you notify MAR that you wish to cancel.