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Howe, Cahill & Company's Legislative Report

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Priority Legislation

LD 650: An Act To Clarify and Protect Certain Public Service Retirement Benefits   Web Link to LD 650

Description: TThis bill changes the contractual commitment to maintain state-protected benefits regarding cost-of-living adjustments for retired state employees and teachers by specifying that it constitutes a solemn contractual commitment of the State that is protected under the Constitution of Maine and the United States Constitution.
Position: Status: Pending Final Legislative Action
Sponsor: Presented by Senator WOODSOME of York. Cosponsors: Representative MARTIN of Sinclair and Senators: BELLOWS of Kennebec, COLLINS of York, DAVIS of Piscataquis, GRATWICK of Penobscot, JACKSON of Aroostook, LIBBY of Androscoggin, Representatives: FOLEY of Wells, GERRISH of Lebanon, GRANT of Gardiner, GROHMAN of Biddeford, HARRINGTON of Sanford, MASTRACCIO of Sanford, McELWEE of Caribou, PICCHIOTTI of Fairfield, SAMPSON of Alfred
Committee: Approps Hearing: March 24, 2017 Appropriations Committee Room 228, State House 202
Work Session: Reported Out, Apr 16, 2014, ONTP