MAR Informational Meetings 2020

As a member organization, MAR’s priority is the health and safety of all our members. With this priority and the current Coronavirus Pandemic, MAR is canceling the 2020 Regional Meetings and will hold small Informational Meetings in multiple locations with limited attendance. With the MAR Annual Meeting and the MAR Regional Meetings being canceled for 2020, the By-Laws require members to vote on the President and the Secretary, these votes will be held at the Informational Meetings. At the Informational Meetings, compliance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines will be followed. Social distancing will be required and the site size will determine the number of members who will be allowed at each of the Informational Meetings. In order to assure MAR is in compliance and ensuring the safety of the attendees and MAR staff, MAR members MUST wear masks at each meeting, temperatures will be taken prior to entrance into the meeting and members must register prior to the meeting for a specific location and time. Anyone who has not registered will not be allowed into the Informational Meeting. MAR will provide masks and disinfected toilettes for attendees use. Below is a list of the dates and locations of the Informational Meetings with the number of MAR members allowed to attend and the last day you can register for the meeting. Anyone who has NOT registered will NOT be allowed in the meeting.

NOTE: If no one has registered at least two days prior to the scheduled meeting, MAR will cancel the Informational Meeting. Members can call the MAR Office or check the MAR website for the most up-to-date information.

Banquet Center
Aug. 249:30 - 11:30am
Aug. 1830
WellsTown of Wells
Activity Center
Aug. 2510:00am-noon
Aug. 1825
NaplesGym at Naples
Town Hall
Aug. 2610:00am-noonAug. 1825
NorwayNorway Fire
Aug. 261:30-3:30pmAug. 1810
FarmingtonThe Landing at Olsen
Student Center
Sept. 29:30-11:30amAug. 2620
SkowheganSkowhegan LibrarySept. 21:30-3:30pmAug. 268
Dover-FoxcroftThe Commons
At Central Hall
Sept. 99:30-11:30amSept. 210
Community Center
Sept. 91:30-3:30pmSept. 210
Community Center
Sept. 151:00-3:00pmSept. 810
CalaisCalais Rec CenterSept. 169:30-11:30amSept. 812
MachiasBluebird Ranch
Family Restaurant
Sept. 162:00-4:00pmSept. 810
EllsworthRamada InnSept. 1710:00am-noonSept. 912
Civic Center
Sept. 239:30-11:30am
Sept. 1630
WinslowWinslow VFWSept. 2410:00am-noonSept 1630
MillinocketMillinocket Historical SocietySept. 289:30-11:00amSept. 208
Town Office
Sept. 283:00-4:00pmSept. 205
Motor Inn
Sept. 2910:00am-noonSept. 2015
Presque IsleHampton InnSept. 292:00-4:00pmSept. 2015
HoultonHoulton Civic CenterSept. 309:30-11:30amSept. 208
Memorial Library
Sept. 301:30-3:30pmSept. 205
BrunswickBrunswick Town HallOct. 610:00am-noon
Sept 2920
Town Office
Oct. 710:00-11:30amSept. 308
BelfastDarby's RestaurantOct. 72:00-3:30pmSept. 3012
LewistonHampton InnOct. 159:30-11:30am
Oct. 820
BrewerJeff's CateringOct. 209:30-11:30am
Oct. 1330


MAR Newsletter – Summer 2020 edition

In this issue…

  • 2020 MAR Informational Meetings Schedule
  • Meet the nominee for MAR President
  • Financial Advice
  • New MAR Website
  • COVID-19 Medicare Coverage
  • Bits & Pieces
  • Technology Corner
  • 2020 U.S. Census
  • Recruitment for MAR Board of Directors
  • Message from MAR’s President


Become a Contact Tracer


The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently recruiting for a number of positions related to the spectrum of work that is “contact tracing”. Among the positions they are looking to fill are field epidemiologists, informatics epidemiologists, logistics coordinators, managers and supervisors. As we continue to expand the project, other positions may, and likely will, come up. Here is how MAR members can become involved:

  • Send a cover letter and resume to Ed Gott at Atlantic Staffing ( to be considered for specific positions for which we are recruiting;
  • If members are interested in volunteer work, they are invited to visit this website: to see the Governor’s message on how Mainers can help. If you scroll down the page, you will find a link to, the Maine Emergency Health Volunteer System webpage. If you register at this site as a person willing to provide services during a disaster or emergency situation, this will help the CDC collect some information and will also put you in a group to whom they can push notifications when they are looking for volunteers for specific tasks;
  • Keep an eye on the DHHS webpage ( and the Maine CDC webpage ( ) for announcements regarding recruitment;
  • The Maine CDC will also be using platforms such as LinkedIn, Monster, Maine Craiglist and Maine Joblink ( ) to advertise openings and opportunities.