MAR Group Dental/Vision Plans


The member dental benefit provides for high quality dental care for MAR members who enroll, at a reasonable cost. By keeping the cost of dental coverage down and the quality of services high, MAR members can keep on smiling!

This benefit also provides additional benefits at no additional cost to at-risk patients such as greater frequency of cleanings, and periodontal maintenance (4 times in a 12 month period). There is also a Vision Discount Program available as part of your benefit. It is available free to all benefit subscribers and their dependents.

You can receive up to 35% off eyewear at participating Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians, and Optical Retailers nationwide.


While the plan design of your Aetna Vision Plan effective July 1, 2024, is not changing and you will continue receiving the same comprehensive benefits as you have today and the premiums have not changed, please note that the Maine Association of Retirees (MAR) will replace the State of Maine as your plan sponsor. If you are a current enrollee, you were automatically re-enrolled in the Aetna Vision Plan July 1, 2024, and you did not have to do anything unless you decided to change your level of coverage, for example, from retiree only to retiree +1.

Premiums for your Vision plan will be automatically taken out of your Maine State Retirement pension each month. We hope this has simplified your payment process.
As you will see, the premium amounts nor benefits, effect July 1, 2024, will not change during this transition.

Please note that if your eyecare provider is not a provider on the AETNA Vision In-Network you may request a billing form from MAR office and can submit your bill directly. Please note you will probably have to pay the cost of care up front and get reimbursed through the direct billing process.

Your Vision plan ID card will reflect an effective date of July 1, 2024, but you also have the ability to download and print a card from your secure AETNA member portal once enrolled.

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