Do I have to purchase Medicare?

Federal Medicare has four parts:

            Medicare Part A:       Hospitalization

            Medicare Part B:       Surgery, Physicians, etc.

            Medicare Part C:      Companion Plan or Advantage Plan

            Medicare Part D:      Prescription Drug Coverage

The majority of Public Service Retirees have to apply for Medicare Parts A & B at age 65.  There will be a monthly cost based on your individual circumstances.  In general, the cost for 2022 is $170.10 per month per person.

For the majority of Public Service Retirees, the State Employee Health Commission (SEHC), Maine Education Association (MEA) Benefits Trust, and the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Employees Health Trust provide retirees with Medicare Part C.  Medicare Part C benefits includes prescription drug coverage. Therefore, there is NO need to purchase a separate Medicare Part D plan.

Specific information on the Medicare Part C plans can be provided by:

State Retirees Employee Health and Benefits (207) 624-7380
Retired Educators Maine Education Association Benefit Trust (207) 622-4418 
Participating Local District Retirees Maine Municipal Association Employees Health Trust (207) 623-8428